Gretchen and her business are absolutely BEYOND awesome!!  My daughter is away at college and this was the first year I haven't spent her birthday with her.  I stumbled upon The Sassy Cupcake online and ordered two dozen cupcakes to be delivered to her.  Gretchen pulled out all the stops and made my daughter's day.  She added helium balloons and a cool sparkler candle, all tied up in a box adorned with a beautiful bow. Gretchen was an absolute delight to work with, delivered the package earlier than I expected, and evidently the cupcakes were not only gorgeous but delicious, too!  I'm looking forward to using her again and again.  And HOPE she opens a store soon! - Kristin Q.

Gretchen is a sweetheart!  Shes genuine and so kind. Drove to Eugene last weekend to visit my daughter at UO and intending to celebrate my other daughter's bday and I thought I would call around trying to find a bakery who would bake a small simple bday cake. Of course I knew noone would do it given such short notice but I thought I would give it a try. Checked in yelp and found the best ranked bakeries and after 3 calls who all told me no, that they needed at least 48 hours, I was about to give up. Then came across Sassy Cupcake..Gretchen picked up and graciously without hesitation was willing to make the number of cupcakes I wanted -I asked for 6..and she made extra! I can tell she was very busy but yet still took the time to meet me to deliver the cupcakes. I was pleasantly surprised..each cupcake was uniquely and creative! She even tied a pretty pink ribbon on the box!..they literally melt in your mouth..with icing so light and mildly sweet which we like. My daughter loved them! I will be ordering again soon! Thanks so much Gretchen! - Faith C.

Gretchen is Incredible!! Not only are her cupcakes the most delicious cupcakes I have ever tasted (not kidding, the original sassy is to die for) she creates the cutest cakes, most unique flavors, and of course has a gorgeous presentation. She is so amazing to work with and I love her monthly specials for myself and for gifts to my clients. I recommend her to everyone I know for any event or special occasion you have! - Cat D.

Gretchen's cupcakes are amazing.  There is never one left over (much to the dismay of my husband). Her creative and personal touch make any occasion that these cupcakes  are shared more special!  - Patsy M.

There is no cupcake on the west coast as good as the sassy cupcake. Hands down best around -- and amazing customer service and efficiency! Highly recommend for parties, weddings, and event openings. She catered my Meet & Greet and it was a huge hit!  - Anna G.

Best thing that's ever been put into my mouth! I dare anyone to try to just eat one at a time. Gretchen packs quite a punch in her bite-sized goodness.  - Jeremy C.

The Sassy Cupcake provided the dessert course for our wedding last fall. Gretchen was fantastic in helping us through the process, and the cupcakes were incredible. Our guests were able to pick and choose from a variety (raspberry cornbread and chocolate stout were my favorites), and everyone wanted to know who made them. For us, it was perfect because it was finger food and required little more than cocktail napkins for an entire course. This was a huge time and waste saver when you are basically catering your own huge event and need to be efficient while still impressing everyone. - Joseph C.

Sassy Cupcakes are by far my favorite dessert in all of Eugene. These adorable bite size cupcakes come in flavors you won't find in any other bakery. From Girl Scout thin mint to chocolate salted caramel the flavors of these cupcakes leave you wanting more. No matter what flavor you pick they are always delicious and always adorable. Perfect for any occasion! - Madison S.

Gretchen! I'm so glad Susan found your website! Your cupcakes were REALLY  enjoyed. "LIFE CHANGING" was used when someone was describing the gluten free Original Sassy. I got a fun thrill out of seeing quite a few walking around with glitter on their face! -Mahal A. 

I wanted to take time to let you know your cupcakes received raves. They not only tasted delicious but were a beautiful touch on the table. Thanks for your tasty contribution to our baby shower. -Gretchen M.